Bushfire Emergency KIt

Have you got yourself and your family bush fire ready?

      • Do you live in a high fire risk area?
      • Have you sat down and prepared for a bushfire?
      • Have you got everything you need to get out?
      • Have you thought about the actions you need to take to stay alive! In a fire situation?

      If you answered no to the last three questions, I have a kit that is for you!

      This kit contains

      2 sets of smoke goggles
      2 sets of riggers gloves
      4 P2 dust masks
      1 Large Fire blanket
      1 Dynamo Torch, Radio, Siren and charger.
      1 Bushfire Emergency plan card

      1 Burns Module
      1 Emergency First Aid Kit
      1 Black Marker – can be removed from the card
      1 Outline of how to be prepared document

      2  Bottles of water

    •  Each kit sold The Little Farm Company is working with the CFS foundation and giving them a donation of $15 per kit!So you will also be helping the lives of CFS volunteers hurt in the line of duty and their families.

Was: $399.00
Now: $249.00