Bushfire Emergency Kit And Information

We at The Little Farm Company, know that a lot of you using our equipment live or travel into areas that are prone to bushfires.

We have an amount of equipment that we recommend you having to.

1. Help protect your life and others

2. Help protect your biggest asset.


Our BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY KIT is designed for you to GRAB AND GO,

There are 2 types of kits one for people in the Urban-Rural environments and one for when you are a little further out. The Standard Kit is for rural-urban People And the Deluxe Kit for further to get to safety. But All parts can be added to customize your Kit.


It contains products that have been selected to get you out of DANGER and into a safer place.

We have a BUSH FIRE SURVIVAL PLAN for you and also a card to write information that might be stored on your phone just in case.

We have first aid kit included along with a burns kit just in case its needed, Large Fire Blanket for your protection.

Smoke Goggles and gloves and masks to help you breathe in that thick smoke.

A radio that can be used as a charger torch and siren to alert people to where you are if it goes horribly wrong.

Water to drink if you need it

The Deluxe Kit for those who live further out is great because it has a few more products in it.

Axe for those fallen trees, SOS emergency Kit

Space blanket if someone is in shock or needs to be comforted.

HI-Vis vest to be seen along with all the products of the standard bag.


We are also offering with the help of another local company, The installation of Bush fire sprinkler systems.


These are made of high-quality products to keep that house safe if you are no there. We are also developing a remote startup to these systems.

We don’t want to see the Garden Hose placed on the home for protection as these will go as soon as a fire front has moved close to your home.

Head over to the Contact Us page for more information. This is for our South Australian Clients

Do you know what to do in a bushfire?

Do you Know that fire burns faster uphill? The slope that the fire is on effects the speed at which it burns uphill.  An example is pictured (CFS sa Picture)If your land goes up double that to 20 degrees fire will move four times faster. Inversely the opposite is true it burns slower downhill,

Your home in a bushfire is under threat from not just the fire front but also, Radiant Heat. From that fire, where the fuel in front of a fire gets to the ignition temperature before the flames arrive. Burning embers, where there can be smouldering fine fuels on the land and also winds can carry embers ahead of the fire.

This is where some of our systems to protect your home will come in for that vital home protection. We have teamed up with another company to produce a system which will deliver a great amount of water to your roof and hence that added protection for you when you have left.

Our Bushfire Emergency Kit is designed for you to GRAB AND GO

Links For Rural Fire Services

SA- https://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/home.jsp

VIC – https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/home

NSW – https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

QLD – https://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/Pages/Home.aspx

NT – http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/Fire-and-Rescue/Contacts/Volunteer-fire-brigades.aspx

TAS – https://www.fire.tas.gov.au/