About Our Feeders

All Our feeders are made in South Australia. These are not imports, we use only material sourced from SA.

We have the user in mind when building our products. They are all designed so you don’t have to lift a bale any higher than your waist. We feel this is not only easier for the end user but makes feeding a lot faster.

We can offer kits for taller animals to make the units a little better in terms of sharp edges, the units are made of metal so it can be sharp but we use auto trim to make them softer for taller animals.

Demon Heater. 

What fuel can I use in my Demon Heater? 

We and the manufacturer recommend that you use heating oil, Kerosene and Deisel to fuel your Demon Heater. Fuel must be clean, do not use dirty fuel.

How do you start up the heater?

Demon heater you need to open the breather holes in the top of the sump. From the there either light the supplied wick or light a piece of paper until the top layer of the oil is alight.  If you light the supplied wick make sure you have a bucket of water to put you wick out in.

How do I Shut my heater down?

On the demon, you have a butterfly that can choke the flame quickly, On the little demon, you have a supplied cap that fits over the stack.

Where can I use my Demon?

They are best used in a well-ventilated area. If you are in a shed that has no vents keep your demon in the doorway. Even if you have vents I would still keep it in the doorway they give off a lot of heat and will still warm up your shed!