Lick Feeder

$1,599.00 Price including GST

Sharing the same versatile and robust ‘chassis as the Single Bale and Grain Feeder, our new and innovative ‘Lick’ feeder for grain and feed pellets is perfect for feeding controlled amounts of feed for sheep and goats. The animal can only access the feed whilst their tongue is wet and the feed can stick to it as they lick within the feed slot. As their tongues dry out, they are not able to continue feeding and will wander off and continue grass grazing until they come back to the feeder later on, thus preventing them for over-feeding.

The generous opening allows easy filling of the main feeder hopper. A simple, three-position location allows fool-proof control of the aperture that controls the downward flow of product to the ‘lick’ path. A moveable, angled plate controls the width of the feed path according to the type of feed being delivered. The adjustment can be made whilst the hopper is full.

  • Made in Australia from extremely strong and durable galvanised steel yet easily portable
  • Performs well on uneven ground
  • Large roof area prevents spoiling from rain
  • Excellent value for money

These are made to order with a lead time of about 8-10 weeks

Available locally as assembled or can be shipped nationally ‘flat-packed’ for self assembly with simple and easy to follow assembly instructions.

Available on backorder