• Bale Feeder

    Unique bale loading system eliminates heavy lifting of bales into fixed cradles. more info
  • Bale Tidy

    The bale stays in shape allowing you to remove the ‘biscuits’ individually with no mess or fuss. more info
  • The Demon Heater

    Can heat 300 square meters with 16 hours of continuous running. more info
  • Embroidered Cap

    Stylish yet simple these embroidered caps look great more info
  • Chicken Coop

    Designed to make keeping chickens fun and easy, our chicken coop has some great features:- more info
  • BBQ Rotisserie

    Perfect charcoal cooking every time more info
  • Lick Feeder

    Pefect for feeding grain and pellets more info

Welcome to The Little Farm Company. We are proudly Australian and dedicated to serving the needs of the small stock holder or Hobby Farmer.

The Little Farm Company has come about through our own experiences on our ‘hobby farm’ set in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Most equipment we could find was for large scale or commercial agricultural, it can be expensive and is primarily designed for large numbers of stock.

The Little Farm Company seeks to provide cost-effective, practical solutions to make life easier for the hobby farmer and more pleasant for their stock. We also understand that many hobby farmers also have full or part-time employment and so convenience of use, as well as reliability, is another important consideration.

Finally and most important of all, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing our products here in Australia. Established and launched in March 2013, it is our vision that The Little Farm Company will become a trusted brand for our own as well as a select range of other products that we think represent our marque of quality, ease of use and ‘nice to have’. The perfect mix of lifestyle and livestock.

Today, we are very proud to present our first products for sale and immediate delivery today. Please take the time to subscribe so that we can keep you informed of our new and exciting range as it expands.

As all of our metal fabrication products are 100% South Australian Designed and Made we have now partnered with #ichoosesa, So you know that supporting us will also support the South Australian Economy,